About Us

Welcome to the South West Herts Partnership.  We offer a free and confidential family support service to families whose children attend any of the 90 schools in the South West Herts Schools Partnership.

Parenting can be one of the most difficult and challenging roles we undertake, especially in times of hardship or crisis. We work with families by helping them overcome social, emotional and physical barriers by giving them practical advice, support and the right tools and strategies.   This enables them to feel more confident, improve self esteem and achieve positive relationships.  We believe that by supporting parents/carers with parenting skills will improve a child/young person’s behaviour in the home and at school helping them to achieve their full potential and remove any barriers to learning.

You can access our service by approaching your child(ren)’s school. We are an early intervention service and aim to prevent needs             escalating to require intervention by more specialist services.